‘Pinoy Henyo’ at ‘Word of the Rings’ expected to clash soon on television

‘Pinoy Henyo’ and Eat Bulaga’s own version of the said segment, ‘Word of the Rings’, were expected to clash anytime soon on television.

It can be recalled that Eat Bulaga received criticisms on social media after they allegedly ‘copied’ the concept of Pinoy Henyo, claimed to be an invention of former writers of the longest-running noontime show, who also parted ways with TAPE Inc on May 31, 2023.

Netizens were surprised that despite the reports that Pinoy Henyo has been registered under TAPE Inc. in the Intellectual Property of the Philippines, TVJ still announced that they plan to revive the show.

According to the document, TAPE’s trademark rights in Pinoy Henyo would expire in 2032.

It can be recalled that Sotto claimed that ‘Pinoy Henyo’ and other popular segments of Eat Bulaga were owned by the writers who were currently working for them.

However, TAPE Inc. argued that the segments created by their former writers during their term as an employee were owned by the production company.

Observers questioned why TAPE Inc. decided not to revive the ‘Pinoy Henyo’ segment, and instead used the title ‘Word of the Rings’ if they really owned the trademark.

Netizens were now excited if TVJ would really revive the popular game under their new noontime show.

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