Karen Bordabor, may hiling sa mga humili kay Awra Briguela: ‘Dismiss her case!’

Radio DJ and actress Karen Bordabor expressed her support to Awra Briguela after the latter was put behind the bars after being involved in a heated confrontation last Thursday night.

In a series of tweets, Karen who’s also put under the custody of the authorities in 2016 said that she knew how difficult the situation of Awra was, saying that she also experienced the same thing.

She even said that the authorities should drop the charges against Awra immediately.

“Good for AWRA her friends are speaking up for her as she defended them. Walang iwanan dapat and it’s good they gave the public their story. Someone who’s locked up can never defend themselves from public judgement! Uniformed men should dismiss their case!!!!”Karen said.

Karen also expressed relief when she got informed about Awra’s release last Saturday.

However, she changed her tune, saying that people should not assume the real story behind the incident.



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“Good to know Awra posted bail and has finally gone home. Enough speculation who did what. We’re not investigators nor were we there. It must’ve been a stressful situation for everyone involved. May this be a learning to all of them.” she said.

As of writing, Awra has yet to give any statement about the said incident that was captured by CCTV.

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