TVJ and ‘legit Dabarkads’ kinanta ang bagong bersyon ng Eat Bulaga theme song sa E.A.T

Netizens and televiewers were surprised that TVJ and the so-called ‘Legit Dabarkads’ used the original theme song of Eat Bulaga on their new show on TV5.

Netizens noticed a significant change in the iconic song originally written in 1982 by Vincent Dy Buncio, Pancho Oppus, Vic Sotto and Homer Flores.

While most of the lyrics were similar to Eat Bulaga theme song, TVJ and its hosts replaced Eat Bulaga with E.A.T to avoid possible trademark issues with TAPE Inc.

The hosts can also be seen laughing while trying to adjust to the big change in the theme song they sang for decades.

It can be recalled that TAPE Inc. claimed the rights to use Eat Bulaga title, forcing TVJ to ask the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) to resolve who’s the rightful owner of the trademark.

TVJ insisted that the title ‘Eat Bulaga’ was invented by Joey de Leon, but now currently registered under TAPE Inc.

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