LGBTQIA+ group na Bahaghari, hiniling na agad palayain si Awra Briguela: “

LGBTQIA+ rights group Bahaghari appealed to the authorities to free Kapamilya actor Awra Briguela, who’s currently under the custody of the Makati City Police.

In an interview, Bahaghari Chairperson Reyna Valmores revealed that they’re trying to free Awra, who’s not allowed to post bail, as the courts were closed during weekends.

Awra was expected to be released on Monday, but Bahaghari does not want the actor to stay behind bars for so long.

Aside from their appeal, Valmores said that they plan to make the authorities who caught Awra accountable for their actions.

They described what happened to Awra as an ‘unjust detention’.

Valmores said that they’re already having dialogues with Mayor Abigail Binay to help them junk the case against Awra.

While thousands of netizens believed that Awra was innocent, CCTV footage released by Makati Police shed more light on the incident.

The footage showed Awra followed the complainant several times and even pushed their group when the latter refused to remove all his clothes as the actor demanded.

Some netizens said that the CCTV footage favored the story of the complainant, who said that Awra was the one who made them uncomfortable during their stay at the bar in Makati.

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