Ellen Adarna reveals the amount of child support she requested to John Lloyd Cruz

Ellen Adarna talked about the financial support being sent by her former partner John Lloyd Cruz to their son Elias.

In an interview, Ellen, who’s a member of one of the richest families in Cebu, surprised the netizens after revealing the amount of child support that John Lloyd needs to be fulfilled monthly for their son.

According to Ellen, she only asked for P10,000 monthly from John Lloyd because that’s the only amount Elias needed for his basic needs.

“When he asked me, how much does Elias need, I gave him a breakdown of his basic needs, just his basic needs, and that’s 10,000 pesos max.” said Ellen.

However, John Lloyd insisted on doubling the amount she asked.

“I know he’s more than capable of giving more than that, but I told him I cannot accept anything more than PHP20,000, and that’s it. I also have, because we are co-parenting, I have my obligations and responsibilities for Elias, so it’s just fair,” she said.

“So, there. Anything more than PHP20,000 for me is just not right, morally not right because he’s not schooling yet. He hasn’t started school, so that’s just basic needs.” she added.

Netizens praised Ellen and John Lloyd for not having an argument about finances.

They also gave positive comments to John Lloyd for being a responsible father.


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