Zayla Nakajima, tells the whole story behind the Awra Briguela’s Poblacion incident: ‘She just defended me’

Actor Awra Briguela went viral on social media after she was put under the authorities’ custody after a confrontation in Poblacion, Makati, on June 29, 2023.

The confrontation involving Awra’s group, several bar-goers, employees, and authorities has been captured on camera.


Awra can also be seen being dragged by the authorities to their mobile and brought to their station.

The 19-year-old ABS-CBN talent was still under the custody of the authorities and also facing charges from a certain Mark Christian Ravana, who claimed to be confronted by Awra.

According to the complainant, Awra demanded he removes his shirt but refused the request by the Kapamilya star.

Ravana claimed that Awra didn’t respect his decision and tore his shirt, which resulted in a heated confrontation.


The complainant then asked for the assistance of the authorities, and a camera had already captured the following scenes.

However, Zayla Nakajima shared their other version of the story about the incident, saying that the group of Ravana was the ones who approached them.

According to Zayla, she was only defended by her friend from the complainant, and she urged the netizens not to spread false stories online.

“I feel like all of our real friends will definitely armor us with this kind of people and Awra is just too humane to be defending her girlfriends and different stories unravel online like a wildfire,” Zayla said.


“The handcuffing clips circulating online tolerated negative version of the story and this is something we don’t take lightly,” she added.

Awra has yet to give a statement as of writing.

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