Lalaki na nakainitan ni Awra Briguela na si Mark Christian Ravana, binatikos ng mga fans

Awra Briguela was put under the custody of the authorities after having a heated confrontation with several bar-goers at Poblacion, Makati, on Thursday night.

According to the reports, Awra had a scuffle with Mark Christian Ravana and several other men that forced the authorities to intervene.

Awra’s friend, Zayla Nakajima, claimed that Awra only defended himself and her friends from the group of Ravana.

While Ravana insisted that it was Awra who confronted them first and asked him to remove his shirt.

Awra’s fans couldn’t hide their dismay over Ravana, who filed charges against the 19-year-old Kapamilya actor.

Several netizens used their social media pages to criticize Ravana and accused him of causing the incident.

They also criticized the authorities for allegedly using excessive for against Awra.

“Ayan mga names at mga soc meds nila! Kuyugin ang mga manyak na walang modo ! Nakaka gigil! Mang babaliktad pa kayo! Trip daw siya ni Awra! Pweh! Pwede ba MGA LALAKENG kagaya niyo mapipiling!” netizen Arcii said.

“This is exactly why LGBTQIA+ need the SOGIE Bill dahil grabe yung selective justice dito sa Pilipinas. Grabe na kayo! PRIDE MONTH OH?!” netizen Trixie commented.

As of writing, the complainant has yet to give any statement about the issue.

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