James Yap, ibinahagi ang naging pag-uusap nila ni Bimby matapos ang ilang taon: “Best Father’s Gift”

Basketball player James Yap shared his first conversation with his son Bimby Aquino Yap after several years of not talking to each other.

It can be recalled that Kris Aquino, former partner of James, shared that Bimby made the first move to connect with his father on Father’s Day.

“Yesterday Father’s Day, my bunso made me proud – he’s had the number to contact for almost a week, and the reluctance was so real, yet he took the 1st step towards rebuilding a relationship that i know will require some time to repair PERO ang mahalaga ay nagsimula na…” said Kris.

In an interview with Dolly Anne Carvajal of Inquirer, Yap couldn’t hide his happiness after finally talking to his son after eight years.

“I’ve been praying for this day to come. Na-miss ko sobra si Bimb! It’s the best Father’s Day gift ever. He said that he is looking forward to seeing his brother MJ again and meet his sister Francine soon. He wished me luck in my new career as a public servant.” James told Carvajal.

In 2021, Bimby revealed that he never talked to his father, saying that his mother was enough for him.

“Yeah ’cause… Sorry sa bluntness po ha, I don’t really care,” Bimby said when asked if he’s ready to forgive James.

Kris also denied that she’s the one who urged Bimby not to talk to James.

Bimby also revealed that James knew his number but never contacted him.

“I have a phone, and it just takes like 10 digits s keypad to call me, e, hindi niya ginawa in ilang years,” he stated.


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