Pokwang’s camp responds to Lee O’Brian’s counter affidavit: ‘He must be deported immediately from the Philippines’

Comedian Pokwang’s camp responded to the counter affidavit filed by Lee O’Brian, which related to the deportation case he was facing.

It can be recalled that Pokwang made a request to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) to deport Lee, claiming that the American actor was working in the Philippines without proper documents.

They also claimed that Lee took advantage of Pokwang during their relationship, making him an ‘undesirable alien’ in the country.

In a statement by Atty. Ralph Calinisan, legal counsel of Pokwang, maintained that Lee ‘must be deported immediately’.

“Undesirable aliens have no place in this country,” Atty. Calinisan said. “With this case we are pursuing, we are putting stop to the gross manipulation of Philippine Immigration laws,” 

As of writing, Lee has yet to respond to the statement made by Pokwang’s camp.

Last February 2023, Pokwang revealed her separation from Lee, saying that the American actor was dating another Filipina woman.

Because of this, Pokwang repeatedly criticized Lee and vowed to make the American actor accountable.

However, despite the criticisms he received, Lee maintained his ‘respect’ to his former partner and asked the Philippine Government to be fair to him, especially that Pokwang was an influential figure in the country.

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