TV5 sinabing hindi na ‘talent’ ang TVJ kundi ‘co-producers’: “They’re not talents anymore”

TV5 Network and Mediaquest chairman Manny Pangilinan said that Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon were now content providers and not just talents like what they were during their stay at Television and Production Exponents Inc. (TAPE Inc.)

During the press conference for the upcoming show of Eat Bulaga, rumored to be named ‘This is Eat, Dabarkads’, Pangilinan said that the production company formed by the legendary trio, TVJ Productions, would provide content to TV5.

It was possible that aside from their upcoming noontime show, TVJ productions would also produce ‘Wow Mali’ and ‘Iskul Bukol’ for TV5.

Because they’re not talents anymore, TVJ has more freedom when it comes to the decision of their shows, and they would also get more shares from the revenues of their shows.

“They are not talents anymore. They are part-owners with the content they produce. That’s a very important point of our group, the Metro Pacific Group. We want the talents who work for us and with us as part-owners of the business.” Pangilinan said.

“Hindi naman sa amin manggaling ang content. Wala naman kaming alam. Masyado kaming seryoso sa buhay, di ba?” he added.

Pangilinan also received cheers from the Dabarkads when he said that they’re not considered as ‘talents’ but ‘co-owners.’

“So we cannot fire them because they are not just talents, but they are co-owners of the business. They are producing. So, they are a big part of the creative process. They should be owners. They should be acknowledged and treated as such. And we will treat them that way.” he stated.

It can be recalled that during their stay at TAPE Inc., TVJ were only considered as talents, and Tito even revealed that they were made to believe that they have shares with their former production company.



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