Miel Pangilinan, may madamdaming mensahe sa kanyang mga kapwa LGBT ngayong ‘Pride Month’

The daughter of former Sen. Kiko Pangilinan and megastar Sharon Cuneta, Miel Pangilinan, shared a heartfelt message to the LGBTQIA+ community during the celebration of ‘Pride Month.’

In her Instagram post, Miel reminded that the LGBTQIA+ community still has a lot of work to do in defending their rights in the Philippines.

“The rights to safety, the rights to marry who we want to marry, are still heavily debated on by people who make real shots that affect real people,” Miel said. “Now is the month to show who we are, to show that we exist and that nobody will silence us or make us feel ashamed of ourselves for being who we are. I am here. I exist. I have been here. I have existed. I am a queer Filipino who is proud to be a member of this beautiful, long-standing community.”

“To my closeted queers, to my out queers, to my allies, have a safe, happy, and napaka-bonggang-bonggang pride month! i love you all. love and identity have no boundaries, and exist in no binary. as long as you are happy and keeping other people around you safe, you are valid and you are loved,” she added.


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Miel also told her parents that the nose ring she was wearing was fake.

In 2022, Miel disclosed that she’s a ‘queer’, and her parents expressed their support to her after revealing her identity.

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