Rendon Labador, hinati na ang presyo ng kanyang ‘motivational rice’: “Bagsak presyo na!”

Motivational Speaker, Internet Celebrity and Entrepreneur Rendon Labador announced that he would make his famous ‘motivational rice’ cheaper to give chance to more Filipino to try it.

The said motivational rice was part of Rendon’s successful marketing of his restaurant Episode Bar after netizens criticized its P100 price.

Motivational Rice is just steamed rice infused with pandan, so netizens couldn’t stop themselves from questioning why Rendon made it so expensive.

Instead of making it cheaper, Rendon urged the netizens to work harder to afford it.

However, on June 20, the internet celebrity announced that he was making his rice at half the cost.

“Kalahati nalang young presyo para kalahati nalang pangarap na abutin niyo #StayMotivated,” he said.

In an interview with food vlogger Manuel Olazo, Rendon revealed that he added a ‘secret menu’ to his restaurant, an affordable choice for his future customers.

The said menu shows the discounted prices of the meals they’re offering at his bar, including the Ribeye steak that was being offered before for P950 but is now priced at P350.

However, Rendon explained that he only offered a ‘secret menu’ to ‘serve the community’, saying that his restaurant was not located in a high-end area and not everyone would afford the original price of his meal.

“Yung secret menu kasi, to serve the community. Kasama naman talaga sa plan nung una pa lang kasi siyempre nasa QC area tayo, wala tayo sa high-end na lugar. Kung maglalagay ka ng isang high-end restaurant sa hindi high-end na lugar, so parang contradicting,” said Rendon.

Rendon also clarified that he’s still offering a ‘high-end menu’ to cater for his wealthy customers.

“Meron pa tayong high-end menu, tapos meron tayong affordable menu, para pwede mong piliin kung ano ang afford mo. Di pa rin namin tinanggal yung high end. Kasi yun nga yung motivation dun eh, para ma motivate ka at ma-afford yung deserve mo sa buhay, yun yung advocacy natin,” he stated.

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