Pinaglalamayan na lalaki, inalis sa kabaong ng isang nagti-trip na kapitbahay

A family in Nueva Viscaya couldn’t hide their dismay after the body of their relative who passed away had been removed forcefully from its casket by their neighbour.

According to the report, the neighbour, identified as Teofilo Sanorias, 58,  suddenly visited the wake of Gonzalo Espinosa, then opened the basket in front of their visitors and quickly grabbed and threw away its body to the floor.

They also heard that the suspect insisted that the body inside the casket was fake.

The family couldn’t hide their fright when they witnessed what Sanorias did to Espinoza.

Mrs Estrella Espinosa then quickly reported the incident to the authorities and quickly put Sanorias in their custody.

The relatives of the suspect believed that Sanorias was influenced by bad spirits.

Espinosa’s family also decided not to pursue charges against Sanorias, who quickly apologized for what he did.

The funeral parlor now brought the body back to the casket and tried to fix the result of Sanorias’ actions.

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