Xander Ford, hanggang round 2 lamang ang inabot sa kanyang boxing match laban kay Christian Merck Grey

Xander Ford didn’t survive his boxing match with influencer Christian Merck Grey on Battle of the YouTubers.

It can be recalled that Xander and Christian became rivals after the former asked the latter to pay him P349,000.


After several posts, Christian finally followed the demands of Xander, however, the tension still escalated when the two exchanged heated words on social media.

They agreed to settle their issues via a boxing match on Battle of the Youtubers after Merck offered 200,000 pesos to Xander if he ever defeated him, while an additional P200,000 for his talent fee.

However, it seems that Xander would only get P200,000 after only surviving two rounds against Christian.


Xander lost consciousness in the first seven seconds of round two, after receiving a combination from Christian who seems to take the controversial influencer easily.

Some netizens questioned the legitimacy of the match, however, most fans enjoyed seeing Xander learning his lesson.

It can be remembered that Xander was confident that Christian would never make points against him, but what happened was the opposite as the former can be seen having difficulty connecting with the latter.


As of writing, it’s not yet known if there would be a rematch between the two.

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