Rendon Labador joins Moira dela Torre and Jason Marvin issue: “Baka pag-umpugin ko pa yan kapag hindi tumigil,”

Motivational Speaker Rendon Labador made his comment about the current issue between Moira dela Torre and Jason Marvin.

In his Facebook story, Labador claimed that he was not planning to speak about the said issue, but decided to do it because of the request made by his followers.


According to him, he doesn’t really care about the issue which was refuelled after Jason published a song dedicated to his former partner.

The discussion also escalated after composer Lolito Go, made a lengthy post against Moira.

“Para sa mga netizens na nangungulit sa issue nila Jayson-Moira na mag sabi ako ng opinion: Wala akong pakialam sa dalawa na yan, baka pag umpugin ko pa yan kapag hindi tumigil.” Rendon said.


“Focus nalang kayo sa mga kanya kanya ninyong buhay. Ganyan talaga kapag nagsama yung dalawang t****. Intindihin niyo nalang,” he added.

It can be recalled that Lolito accused Moira of cheating on Jason which the latter denied in an official statement.


“I did not cheat on Jason. It is unfair that I find myself in a position where I have to defend my name and even explain why I did not deserve to be cheated on,” she said.

A lawyer also hinted that Lolito should be held accountable for his posts.

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