Sass Sasot reminds Moira dela Torre: “If you decide to have another jowa while you are still married, that’s adultery”

An international relations expert who follows the issue of Moira dela Torre and Jason Marvin reminded the singer about the risk of her rumored relationship with Zack Tabudlo.

In a Facebook post, Sass Rogando Sasot reacted to Moira’s statement, reminding the singer that she has yet to leave her marriage to Jason.

It can be recalled that Moira claimed that she already ‘left’ her marriage with Jason.

“I never imagined that I would find myself in a situation where I have to explain and defend my decision to leave a marriage, as well as justify the state of my mental health,” she said.

However, Sasot said that Moira was still married to Jason legally and her rumored relationship with Zack may put her in some problems.

Sasot suggested that Moira should start filing an annulment against Jason if she really wanted to have a new partner.

“Teh, in the first place, you did NOT leave a marriage, you are STILL married. You are still Jason’s wife, and he is still your husband. Second, you really have to defend your decision to leave a marriage if you finally decide to leave it, and in our country you can only leave it through an annulment.” Sass said.

“And third, if you decide to have another jowa while you are still married, that’s adultery, even according to your Christian values. So itigil mo na ang drama mo: either you offer your petchay again to your husband. Or file an annulment.” she added.

Some netizens suspected that Moira was trying to capitalize on her separation from Jason so she’s not yet filing an annulment.

“She should have take care of the annulment ASAP, but hey, kumikitang kabuhayan kase ang pagiging “heartbroken” ng mga kanta nya hahaha! Business wise she took the opportunity and capitalized their situation haha!” netizen Kenneth said.

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