Netizens ask DepEd to suspend the license of a TikToker teacher for recording his beautiful student

The number of public school teachers becoming an influencer on social media is increasing.

Aside from fame, teachers who were recording short videos during work time gave them extra income.

However, some teachers already gained the irk of the netizens and called them ‘unprofessional’ for allegedly prioritizing posting videos over their job as an educator.

A teacher working at the Department of Education (DepEd) received criticism on social media after posting a video of his student and praising her beauty.

Teacher Reymar Caburnay who has 10.9k followers on TikTok was known for posting dance videos and posting moments with his students.

In the said video, it can be seen that Caburnay recorded one of his students and called her ‘pretty’.

The video received millions of views on social media and received criticisms from netizens urging DepEd to suspend the license of Caburnay for being unprofessional.

“Seriously?? Noong HS nga ako, na rumor lang na may something sa Math teacher & classmate ko, na terminate agad yung teacher,” netizen woyce said.

“Why is this video still up and why DepEd is not yet investigating this?? hello deped????” netizen Mikelle commented.

However, Caburnay explained that he’s not attracted to his student because he’s gay.

“Akala niyo lang yan po. Wala naman kaming malisya dahil BAKLA po ako,” Reymar said.

As of writing, the DepEd has yet to give any statement about the video made by Caburnay.

Currently, DepEd has no memo forbidding their workers to become influencers or take videos during working hours.

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