Ellen Adarna admits that she’s not happy with the people approached them in public: “I was stressed out”

Ellen Adarna gained attention from netizens after a video of her visibly bad mood while walking in a public place circulated on social media.

In the said video, it can be seen that Ellen who’s together with her husband Derek Ramsay was rushing to walk away from the crowd who were waiting for them inside an establishment.

While Ellen was frowning, Derek was visibly okay and smiling while looking at the crowd.

Netizens thought that Ellen and Derek had a quarrel during that time, but the actress clarified that her husband was not the reason for her bad mood.

In a story, Ellen admitted that she was not comfortable with the crowd who approached them that night.

According to her while, Derek was always smiling in public, even if not properly approached by fans, Ellen said that she was not the type of hiding her real mood, even in front of people.

“I wasn’t pissed at Derek. I was stressed out with the people there,” said Ellen.

“He doesn’t say no even when he’s approached aggressively or rudely, okay lang siya. Ako, opposite, maldita. My normal face is just… di mag-smile smile for no reason,” she added.

The video already reached thousands of views on social media.

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