Coco Martin noong makatambal niya ang 17-anyos pa lamang na si Julia Montes: “Baby pa at masarap alagaan”

Coco Martin went viral on social media after he admitted that he’s already in a relationship with Julia Montes for 12 years already.

It means that Coco was already with Julia when the actress was still 16 years old.

In another interview, the actor also revealed that he already expressed interest in Julia when he was still 13 years old.


Netizens remembered the first project between the two, Walang Hanggan where Coco who was 30 years old during that time was paired with Julia who was 17 years old.

During an old article published by, Coco admitted that he loved taking care of Julia during those time.

She admitted that Julia was “makulit” and compared her to a baby and because of that, he said that the actress was “masarap alagaan”.

One of their favorite scene during the show was their wedding, wishing that it was true.


“Sabi ko nga, eh, sana totoo, sana totoong nangyayari kasi madadala ka talaga sa eksena, e.” Coco said.

However, netizens couldn’t hide their disappointment toward Coco and even to ABS-CBN for pushing Julia to be paired with a 30-year-old man despite being a teenager during that time.

As of writing, Coco has yet to give any statement to the criticisms he was receiving on social media.


Julia also refused to speak about her decision to date the actor during her teenage years.


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