Netizen expresses dismay after discovering that the mattress she bought was made of used diapers and napkins

A netizen thought she saved a lot of money after buying a mattress from a trader visiting their barangay.

In a Facebook post, Michelle Abuzo Oliveros said that after buying it from the trader, she quickly noticed something was wrong with the foam.

After checking, Oliveros realized that the trader misled her after discovering that the foam was made of used diapers and napkins.

“Shout out sa nagbenta ng kama namin, sana ma-karma ka,” said Oliveros. “Eto ang laman ng foam na binili namin, puro pampers at napkins para lumambot,”

“Akala namin gawa ‘yung mattress sa foam. Wala ka bang konsensya na madami kang napagbentahan nito? Next time mag-ingat na tayo sa mga nagbebenta ng kama,” dagdag pa niya.

Because the material used in the mattress was considered unhygienic, Oliveros decided not to use it anymore.

Some people who bought the same mattress already reported the trader to the authorities.

Law enforcers already reminded the netizens to be careful of buying any product from strangers, especially if they’re offering it cheaper than the regular price.

As of writing, the post already reached 8,000 shares from the netizens.

Some said that some traders were already doing the same modus for a long time and travelling around remote places in the Philippines.


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