Kris Aquino, hints relationship with Mark Leviste: “I keep breaking up with you all because I didn’t believe a long distance relationship”

Queen of all Media, Kris Aquino made a hint about her real relationship with Batangas Vice Governor Mark Leviste.

In her Facebook post, Aquino made a message addressed to Leviste, thanking him for spending his time with her even if she’s currently living abroad.

Kris said that she attempted to end her relationship with him several times because of their distance.

“I’ve been so unfair in not THANKING you enough for all your effort to be here whenever I need you, for all the times my past has made me so jaded that I keep breaking up with you all because I didn’t believe a long distance relationship stood a chance because of your job obligations,” Aquino said.

“Marc, I’m sorry for punishing you for what others have done to me. You are 100% correct, you’re not them. Contrary to what others may think it’s either you or bimb taking all the pictures.” she added.

She also thanked Mark for agreeing with her to keep their relationship ‘private’.

“We are proof that LOVE comes when you least expect it. Thank you for your 12 years of perseverance. Whatever God decides for us, let’s please end up BEST FRIENDS for the rest of our lives?” she stated.

Leviste made a heart emoji reaction to the message made by Aquino for her.

It can be recalled that in April, Aquino publicly asked Leviste to prioritize his work as a public servant.

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