Isang kuya, humingi na ng tulong sa mga netizens matapos silang iwanang magkakapatid ng kanyang ina

A 17-year-old man went viral on social media after he appealed to the netizens to help him and his two siblings after they were abandoned by their mother.

In a post made by Jen del Mar, she shared the story of Daven, who’s now acting as a father and mother to his five-year-old and one-year-old siblings.


According to Daven, he was forced to work because no one was looking after them anymore after his father was put behind bars because of charges, while their mother suddenly left them in March.

Jen shared the story of the two during Mother’s Day.

“This Mother’s day it’s important for us to acknowledge the pain and suffering of these children, while also recognizing that they have the potential to heal and find happiness in life. We must work together towards a world where every child is loved and cared for, regardless of their circumstances.” Jen said.


The story reached the City of Mandaue City Social Services (CSWS) and helped them to find a temporary shelter.

CSWS personnel would also take care of Daven’s siblings while he was looking for work.


As of writing, the mother of the children has yet to be found.

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