Slater Young admits mistake over his statement about women: “Parang nahiya ako”

Pinoy Big Brother big winner and content creator Slater Young expressed regret over the statement he made about women.

It can be remembered that Slater has been canceled on the internet after he said that it’s ‘normal’ for men to fancy other women even if they’re already in a relationship.

He even admitted that he was included to some group chats where photos of women were being posted without consent.

Several days after making the said statement, Slater admitted that he made a wrong move by saying such things.

“Sometimes you think that you did something OK and it takes a little while for it to sink in na, ‘Oo nga no, mali pala talaga ako.” Slater said.

“And I finally realized na, ‘Oh my God, I really made a mistake,’ because I’m giving it power na, to say it’s OK, and me saying it’s normal, kind of normalizes it and makes it OK.

“I should’ve called it out na parang, ‘Ah it happens, but this isn’t ok, we should hold ourselves to a higher standard.’ When sa akin, like, ‘Oh it happens, don’t worry about it.’ ‘Yun ‘yung sinabi ko.

“I know for a fact that I said that. Like nahiya talaga ako,” he added.

Despite his statement, he still received support from his wife, Kryz Uy.

“I know for a fact that I said that. Like nahiya talaga ako,” Kryz said.

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