“True warrior!” Filipino boxer Kenneth Egano tries to stay conscious after his match before slipping into a coma

Millions of netizens sent their condolences to the family of the 22-year-old boxer who passed away several days after slipping into a coma.

On May 6, Kenneth Egano, a boxer from Sarangani Province lost consciousness while waiting for the result of his match against Joseph Facularin.

The judges favored Egano and won the fight, however, he was already rushed to the hospital because of his condition.

In a video uploaded by Baki Production, Egano can be seen trying to maintain his consciousness after the 8-round boxing match.

However, several minutes after, he already lost consciousness and was quickly rushed to the hospital.

On May 11, his family announced that he already passed away.

Several netizens made their comment after watching the last moments of Egano.

“Seeing that he was trying to fight to stay conscious was heartbreaking to watch, what a warrior till his last moments, this maybe a sport but it’s not a game you can just simply play, you put your life on the line everytime you step inside that ring, you just got to pray that both of you and your opponent comes out safe and sound, Rest in peace Kenneth,” netizen AB said.

“While watching the video of his collapse tumutulo Ang luha ko.he’s still young it’s not easy for the family move on but there’s no impossible with God… Condolence and let’s pray for the family.” netizen Cayat commented.

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