Antonette Gail, ipinakita ang naging resulta ng pagpapagawa ng kanyang ilong

Antonette Gail went viral on social media after sharing what happened to her nose.

It can be remembered that Antonette narrated that his nose broke when it hit a lampshade in her bedroom.

Because of what happened, the influencer who became popular after becoming a partner of Whamoz Cruz decided to ask for the help of science to fix her nose and maybe make it more beautiful.

Celebrity doctor Eric “Yappy” Yapjuangco was the one who helped Antonette to fix her nose.

In her latest Facebook post, Antonette revealed the result of the procedure, making her nose line became more visible.

Netizens praised Dr. Yappy for the successful enhancement of Antonette’s nose.

Meanwhile, the influencer addressed the criticisms of her decision to fix her nose, saying that it’s her right to decide what she would do with her body.

“Katawan ko to ako yung me control dito kung ano yung mga gusto kong gawin.” she stated.

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