‘Bawal Judgmental’ gustong ipaalis ng mga Jalosjos sa Eat Bulaga: ‘Boring daw’

Tito Sotto is not yet done with criticizing the executives of Television and Production Exponents Inc. (TAPE Inc.) including its chairman Romeo Jalosjos.

In an interview with Cristy Fermin, Sotto said that Jalosjos wanted to remove one of the most popular segments of Eat Bulaga ‘Bawal Judgmental’.

According to Sotto, he already asked Jalosjos about his plans and the latter said that the said segment was ‘boring’.

“Gusto raw palitan ‘yung Bawal Judgmental. Tinanong ko, bakit? Kasi daw ‘he’s bored’,” said Sotto.

Cristy couldn’t believe that Jalosjos was considering removing Bawal Judgmental despite being popular and educational.

Sotto believed that the said segment was not boring and that many people were learning life lessons while watching Bawal Judgmental.

“Sa Bawal Judgmental, marami kang matututunan, marami kang natutulungan,”

It can be remembered that the said segment became trending several times on social media because of the story being shared by its contestants.

Some netizens expressed disappointment over the rumored plan of Jalosjos, saying that they learned many things about the said game.

Bawal Judgemental was considered one of the most emotional segments of Eat Bulaga, making the noontime show not only about comedy.

Jalosjos has yet to confirm the claims of Sotto.


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