Deniece Cornejo, ikinalungkot ang pagbasura ng kaso na isinampa niya laban kay Vhong Navarro: “What happened to our justice system?”

Model Deniece Cornejo reacted to the decision of the Supreme Court to junk the case she filed against television host and actor Vhong Navarro.

In a text message she sent to the media, Deniece said that she was extremely disappointed by the decision of the court favoring Vhong.

Because of the decision, she was now questioning if the justice system in the Philippines was really working.

“I’m surprised and more traumatized. The RTC and MTC took jurisdiction of the cases already and the cases are on trial already. Under normal circumstances, this is not supposed to happen. What happened to our justice system?” Deniece wrote.

“A woman who fought for her rights for 9 years and risked her safety and life, she means serious and seeking a fair justice.

“Given the evidence I presented and explained, I was very consistent and honest. I’m hoping that we must understand the pain and effects of trial by the publicity that brings to any young woman,” she also said.

Deniece was planning to file a motion for reconsideration to oppose the decision of the High Court.

“If we don’t realize this as early, our justice System will not be taken seriously,” she said.

It can be recalled that in 2014, Deniece accused Vhong of taking advantage of her during a meeting inside a condominium building.

Businessman Cedric Lee got involved in the case after they claimed to rescue Deniece from the actor.

However, Navarro fans questioned the legitimacy of Deniece’s statement, saying that there was some footage that would prove that the model was not telling the true story.

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