Anak ni Dolphy na si Eric Quizon, dinemanda ang may-ari ng ‘Banayad Whisky’ dahil sa paggamit ng imahe ng kanyang ama

Eric Quizon, the son of the Philippines’ late King of Comedy Dolphy, criticized a seller of whisky that was using the image of his father.

In his post, Quizon posted a notice to the public saying that the brand ‘Banayad Whisky’ has no permission to use the image of the late King of Comedy.

“As a shown in the photograph above and/or any product or merchandise having the same brand, is NOT ASSOCIATED, AFFILIATED, OR CONNECTED with RODOLFO “DOLPHY” VERA QUIZON and/or the heirs of DOLPHY.” Quizon said.

“Any complaint or transaction related to BANAYAD WHISKY shall not be acknowledged by the heirs of Dolphy,” he added.

According to Quizon, they already talked to the people behind the said product but became unresponsive later on after the heirs of Dolphy demanded the company to stop selling the whisky.

This serves as a warning to all. This bootleg seller is using my dad’s image and banayad whisky, which are patented and with copyrights. At first, they cooperated with us but stop communicating when the Quizons demanded them to stop selling,” Quizon wrote.

“We have filed a case against,” he added.

This is not the first time that the people behind Banayad Whisky Company faced issues.

In February 2023, FDA Philippines released a warning against the said product, saying that Banayad Whisky was included in their unregistered goods.

The product was inspired by Dolphy’s movie 1995 Father & Son, where the comedian was seen advertising the fictional whisky brand in one of its scenes.


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