Vice Ganda demands apology from a fan for pulling his hair: “You don’t do that. You have to say sorry to me”

Comedian Vice Ganda’s day with fans in Edmonton, Canada, last April 16, 2023, was ruined after one of the crowd members pulled his hair.

In the said video, it can be seen that Vice was walking towards the stage when someone suddenly pulled his hair.


The comedian didn’t slip out and tried to search for the said fan.

Vice talked to the audience he suspected who pulled his hair and demanded an apology.

“Who did that? That’s very disrespectful! You don’t do that. You have to say sorry to me. Who did that? You don’t do that. That’s very rude. I’m trying to give you a wonderful time, but don’t hurt me, di ba? That’s not right. We have to be friends here. Don’t hurt me.” Vice said.

The fans helped Vice identify the people and pointed to a couple.


“This guy is very rude! Both of you are very rude.” he stated.

Vice was touring in Canada and the US as part of his VGFul Tour.

The video has already received millions of views as of writing.


Meanwhile, the couple apologized for their actions, saying that they didn’t mean to pull the hair of the comedian, claiming that they were solid fans of Vice.

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