Nadine Lustre, inamin na ayaw mabuntis o manganak: “Parang my mind is set on adopting”

Actress Nadine Lustre admitted that she was afraid of getting pregnant.

In an interview with Bea Alonzo on April 16, 2023, Nadine explained why she was not really planning to have a baby.

Nadine said that she’s currently considering adopting a child to avoid being obligated to get pregnant.

She said: “First of all, takot akong manganak. Yun talaga yung pinaka-reason ko kung bakit ayaw ko magkaroon ng kids na sarili. Takot ako mabuntis, takot ako manganak.”

“Ang dami kasing kids na walang parents. So, right now, parang my mind is set on adopting.” she added.

It can be recalled that Nadine was always rumored to be pregnant every year, but she denied that the said reports were true.

“I don’t know why. I don’t know how. People just decide that I am pregnant every year. I don’t even look like it.” she said in an interview with Cosmo.

“If I am pregnant, though, I would happily announce it to the world. But sadly, guys, I am not pregnant.” she added.

Some women expressed their support for the decision of Nadine, saying that they understood why the actress was afraid of getting pregnant.

“I actually understand Nadine here. my first pregnancy is very very smooth. no paglilihi. no nausea. hindi maselan. no cravings. super normal. and i had my baby very smoothly. did not experience labor. i deliver my son smoothly. kahit ang ganda ng experience ko sa pregnancy and panganganak, takot pa rin ako. what if ang sama ng nausea ko pag magbuntis, o baka complicated ang pregnancy, or maybe it will be ao hard to deliver a baby.” netizen Stefanie said.

“Well anyway, if that’s Nadine’s mindset let us respect her. Wag na natin ipilit yung thoughts natin about having own child kasi yan yung gusto niya e. But as a mom, having my daughter is a gift from above. Nakakatakot mag buntis at manganak pero seeing my daughter safe and healthy napunasan lahat ng iyon.” netizen Janella commented.

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