Gab Valenciano matapos umalis ng permanente sa Pilipinas: “The peaceful state i’ve been in years”

Artist Gab Valenciano couldn’t hide his happiness after his decision to leave the Philippines permanently to live in the United States.

In his Instagram story, Gab, who went viral last year on social media because of actively joining a campaign of a certain candidate, said that being in the United States was one of the most peaceful and happiest moments of his life.

“The happiest and most peaceful state I’ve been in years,” Gab said.

He also shared some photos of his friends in the US that he immediately met after leaving the Philippines.

It can be recalled that Gab was now living permanently in California, calling his decision as ‘new season’ and ‘new chapter’ of his life.

“The past six years have been quite the journey. A lot of ups and downs and a whole lot of experiences that I believe have prepared me for this very moment. I am thankful for the people I’ve met and learned to love along the way. You all know who you are and I just want to say thank you and I love you, deeply. I wouldn’t be here if not for all of you.” Gab said.
“Thank you to all my loved ones for all your prayers. Just like in 2013 when I studied abroad, this is a huge leap of faith forward yet again, but I am grateful I’m able to constantly jumpstart my life and reinvent myself with God and my family by my side. That’s all what matters.” he added.

His parents, Gary Valenciano and Angeli Pangilinan supported the decision of their child.




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