Rendon Labador, tila hindi kumpiyansa sa kanyang event: “First time ulit na lalangawin ang isang meet and greet”

Motivational Speaker Rendon Labador was unmotivated in his post about his meet and greet that would be held at Episode Bar + Kitchen on April 15, 2023.

In his Facebook post, Labador said that he felt that no one would appear at the said event, where he would share ‘marketing tips’ for business owners and content creators.

He would also entertain questions during the said meet and greet.

If his hunch was correct, Labador said that it would be added to the bad records of his restaurant.

“Feeling ko walang pupunta bukas sa meet and greet ko, first time ulit na lalangawin ang isang meet and greet sa history ng pilipinas, okay lang din basta may bragging rights at record holder tayo. Laban lang!!!!” Rendon said.

However, he didn’t stop trying to promote his event despite being unmotivated.

“Wala talagang pupunta bukas… Saturday sa Episode Bar + Kitchen Andoon kasi ako tapos mag discuss ako ng marketing tips na makakatulong sa mga business owners at content creators, tapos may Q&A segment. May serenade din bukas ng dinner time ACOUSTIC plus HOUSE PARTY music ng 10pm to 2am.” he stated.

It can be remembered that Labador’s newly opened restaurant was trending for weeks already because of his way of promoting it.

However, the restaurant received bad reviews from the netizens because of Labador’s controversial personality.


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