Edu Manzano, hindi muna sasakay sa Cebu Pacific hangga’t hindi umaalis ang piloto na kritiko ni Leni Robredo

Actor Edu Manzano said that he would not travel via Cebu Pacific because of the statement of the airline company’s pilot against Leni Robredo.

In his tweets, Manzano questioned the competence of the airline pilot, who made a claim that Robredo allegedly diverted other flights to prioritize the landing of the latter.

The actor questioned if the pilot was sane enough to handle passengers, saying that he would not fly with the airline company until the ‘pilot is grounded’.

“I have to agree! What is his state of mind? I will definitely not fly #CebuPAC until they have addressed the issue.” Manzano said.

In a separate tweet, Manzano said that he would not risk the safety of his family, knowing that their pilot possibly was the one who made criticisms against Robredo.

“More than that you worry about his state of mind. Will never trust my family in his hands,” the actor stated.

Cebu Pacific already made a statement about the issue and apologized for the actions of their pilot.

“Since becoming aware of the social media post by one of our pilots in reference to a flight of Vice President Leni Robredo, I confirm that the pilot has made it clear to us that he had no basis for his claim and was purely speculative and careless on his part,” Cebu Pacific Air Flight Operations Vice President Captain Sam Avila said.

“Cebu Pacific has very strict social media policies covering all of its employees and such a post should not have been published. This is recognized by the said pilot himself. He is currently under disciplinary review in accordance with our Company rules and standards,” they also stated.


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