Influencer na si Amber Lin, nakatanggap ng batikos matapos ibahagi ang pagtanggi niya na makipag-date sa food court

Cebu-based influencer Amber Lin captured the attention of the netizens because of her story about an ‘Afam’ that she rejected during their first date.

In her video, Amber said that she accepted an invitation from the said foreigner for a date, but she felt disappointed even during the planning stage of their first meeting.

According to her, the foreigner didn’t reserve a table for them and wanted them to eat in a food court.

“Sinundo niya ako doon sa hotel, tapos tinanong ko siya kung mayroon siyang restaurant reservation, ang sabi niya wala.” Amber said.

“Tapos sabi niya ‘I’m on my way’ ganun siya then I was like ‘why you don’t have table reservation?’, sabi niya ano nalang daw pagkita nalang daw namin at doon nalang kami mag decide kung saan kami pupunta.

“I hate that, I don’t like it. Tapos nung nagkita na kami sabi ko, ‘I wanna eat Japanese food’ tapos sabi niya ‘How about seafood?’ sabi ko ‘seafood is fine’ tapos sabi niya ‘okay let’s go’ it’s like a food court, you want me to bring to a food court, it’s like a hawker center.

“Tapos ako I was like ‘No, I can bring myself to a better restaurant, no I’m not going, If you want to go, you go’ ganon.

“I don’t want to go there, you have to impress me. Ginanon ko siya,”

In the end, the foreigner brought her to a better restaurant.

But she told the man that they would not see each other again because of her bad dating experience with him.

Her story received criticism from the netizens who questioned her decision to reject the foreigner.

“Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of you girls have worked your ars out to set things you called “standards.” Pero yung arti na ganito, that is not setting a standard at all, tawag diyan “pag mamataas”.” netizen Arkanghel said.

“Be careful of how you set your standards sometimes, dun lumalabas tunay na ugali mo!”. Hindi lahat, but most of the girls/ladies these days.” he added.

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