Netizens, pinagkumpara si Sandara Park at Vanessa Hudgens: “Mas pinoy pa si Sandara kay Vanessa!”

Some netizens were not convinced that Filipino-American actress Vanessa Hudgens was fit to become the Philippines’ global tourism ambassador.

On March 31, the government tapped Vanessa to promote the Philippines, even if it was just her first time visiting the country.

She was also set to make a documentary about her ‘Filipino roots’ directed by Presidential Adviser on Creative Communications (OPACC) Paul Soriano.

However, some netizens questioned Vanessa’s qualifications and even compared the Hollywood actress to K-Pop star Sandara Park, known for actively promoting the Philippines despite being a pure-blooded South Korean.

“What did vanessa hudgens even do? sandara or bretman promotes ph more than she does LMAOO vanessa’s just now relying on her filo genes cuz she’s flopping and she knew pinoys are overproud and will eat everything up especially from a western celebrity,” a netizen asked.

“The way Sandara Park has nary a drop of Filipino blood coursing through her veins, yet has done so much more for the Philippines than Vanessa Hudgens ever could.” netizen Salvador remarked.

“I don’t even agree in gatekeeping the Philippines from Vanessa Hudgens, but I agree with this tweet. Sandara Park should be in her place.” netizen @nmjnee remarked.

In 2017, Sandara received praise from netizens after she encouraged South Koreans to visit the Philippines.

Before becoming a K-Pop artist, Sandara gained fame in the country after placing second in Star Circle Quest in 2004.

In 2007, she decided to return to South Korea and signed a contract with YG Entertainment.

She then gained international fame after becoming a member of the K-pop girl group 2NE1 in 2009.



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