Prankster na ‘Tukomi’ muntikan ng tuluyan ng isang pulis sa gitna ng kanilang prank

Content creator group ‘Tukomi’ almost got into trouble after one of the people they wanted to ‘prank’ almost used his firearm against them.

In a video uploaded by Edwin Dodong Corpin, it can be seen that commotion happened while filming one of the pranks performed by the Davao-based influencers.

The police officer can be seen pointing his weapon toward one of the members of Tukomi, who’s wearing a balaclava to pretend that he’s a bad element.

They tried to apologize to the man repeatedly and even tried to shake the hand of the police, but the latter suddenly panicked again and tried to distance himself from the prankster.

Before the video ended, it could be seen that the influencer entered their vehicle.

This is not the first group that faced controversy because of their pranks.

In 2018, a man accused the group of taking away a job of a security guard because of their Fountain Swimming Prank.

However, they denied that the security guard had lost their job, and they received permission from the mall management to film.

In 2022, they faced criticism again from netizens because of their prank, throwing a black bag to a barber shop while dressed as a Muslim.

Unlike in other countries, pranksters might face charges in the Philippines because of several laws, it including unjust vexation.

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