Janice De Belen, sinabing hindi nito gustong makatrabaho ang dating asawa na si John Estrada

Janice de Belen said that she would never work with her ex-husband John Estrada on any future projects.

In an interview with Biyaheng Retro 2.0, Janice has been asked by her daughter to John, Kaila Estrada, if she’s willing to work with the actor again.

Kaila also asked Janice if her mother was willing to work with her ex-boyfriend Aga Mulach.

Janice explained that there’s a big difference between John and Aga.

“Aga, yes, I would be open to working with him. To your dad, no.” Janice quickly answered.

“Alam mo kasi, hindi kami naging mag-asawa ni Aga, so it’s different than… the relationship is different. It’s different with your dad kasi naging mag-asawa kami. Yung disagreements namin were not tiny disagreements.” she added.

The television host even said that the reason of her failed marriage to John was not a ‘tiny thing’.

“The reason for us separating, it’s not a tiny thing, it’s not just a disagreement. So many hurtful things, so many hurtful words have already been exchanged.” she said.

Janice also admitted that she still could not look John straight in the eyes.

“Baka maging problema kami, so huwag na lang kaming maging problema at all.” she said.

It can be remembered that Janice and John were married in 1992 and announced their separation in 2001.

Their relationship resulted in four children, Inah, Moira, Kaila, and Yuan.

The court had already annulled their marriage.

Meanwhile, Janice also had a child with Aga, who’s Luigi Mulach.



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