Singer na si Jaya, sinagot ang banat sa kanya ni John Lapus: “Wala kayo dito so you are not aware of our daily lives”

OPM Singer Jaya answered the criticisms she received from director John Lapus.

It can be recalled that Jaya, who’s now living in America, received criticism on social media after liking a tweet from a group against drag queens.

According to the said tweet from ‘Gays Against Groomers’ people should be careful with drag queens interacting with children.

John, who’s a member of LGBT community took a swipe against the 53-year-old singer who became popular because of her songs “Wala na bang pag-ibig” and “Laging Naro’n Ka,”

“Mga anak sino daw yung singer na panay ang like ng mga anti trans tweets dito?” said John.

Jaya then made a response to John, clarifying that she’s not an anti-LGBT.

“John I am not anti trans but if you will follow @againstgrmrs they are a group of lgbt that is against grooming young children here in America to get surgery without consulting with their parents,” Jaya told John.

“Sana you guys can ask me what is going on before assuming what I believe and am tweeting. Mas ok if magtanong muna. Wala kayo dito so you are not aware of our daily lives here.” she added.

She also addressed the netizens, saying that it was their right to unfollow her.

“Research and dig deep to form your opinions on matters that matter to you. Then have a respectful and honest conversation without making it personal. Once again, I am against children being exploited. That is it. Nothing more, nothing less. But if you like, you may also unfollow me. Love to you all,” she said.

“You are free to do, say and believe what you want – FREEDOM. Unfollow if you must. Thank you and this will be it for now. Will rest and pray for wisdom. Father in Heaven please take the wheel. I only have love for you all. To all my LGBT friends, who have been my closest friends for more than 40+ years and who do know me well, love you and you know my heart,” she added.

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