Ginang, nanlilisik ang mata matapos singilin sa kanyang utang na tatlong buwan ng hindi nababayaran

A video of a netizen went viral on social media after he recorded the reaction of one of their creditors who refused to pay her debt.

In his post, Moso Meliton showed how hard to collect debts from the people who borrowed money from him.

He pointed out that it was unfair that the creditors were the ones getting upset despite the fact that they benefited from the money they owed.

“Hirap talaga guys pag maningil Tayo. Ako pa Ang Mali!” Meliton said.

Meliton showed that a woman who owed money to him was shouting at them because she refused to pay her debts.

According to Meliton, the woman refused to pay the money she had loaned from him for three months already.

As of writing, the video has already received 4-M views.

Some netizens couldn’t hide their disappointment in the woman, saying that people should be responsible for paying their loans.

A financial expert believed that some Filipinos refused to pay the money they owed because of financial illiteracy.

He mentioned that some people were loaning money because of unnecessary reasons, like using it to afford a party or buying expensive gadgets instead of using it to launch a business.

The expert reminded the people to think twice before deciding to loan money and only owe an amount that they could afford to pay.


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