John Regala humingi ng tulong kay Coco Martin para makabalik siya sa trabaho: “Hindi ako sanay ng nanghihingi”

Actor John Regala appealed to the television networks and also to director/actor Coco Martin to help him to return to show business.

In an interview with Abante, John expressed his willingness to return to acting, saying that he was facing financial problems because of his medications.

It can be recalled that John already received help from Coco when he became one of the cast of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano from August 2016 to September 2016.

Regala portrayed Congressman Subito Randolf, a corrupt lawmaker who became an antagonist in the said program.

Four years after leaving the show, John said that he still wanted to work with Coco.

In another interview, the award-winning actor believed that he was still capable to work in show business despite his health problems.

“Pakiusap ko lang po sana sa mga television network, bigyan niyo naman ako ng trabaho. Kaya ko pa naman [umarte] dahil ito ang makapagpapasaya sa akin. Maraming salamat po.” said Regala.

“Nandito lang po ako sa aking condominium unit at naghihintay ng pagkakataong makabalik,” he added.

John even said that he was not used to asking for financial help and wanted to work for his own money.

“Gusto ko makabalik, yung makapaghanapbuhay. Hindi ako sabay na nanghihingi. Nakakahiya yung manghihingi ka. Sanay akong tumulong,” he stated.

Coco didn’t respond to the appeal of John as of writing.

Meanwhile, fans of John were hoping that Coco would give another chance for the former action star to become part of the ‘FPJ’s Batang Quiapo’.

This article has been originally published in 2020.

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