Rendon Labador, pinuna ang float parade para sa pelikula ni Coco Martin: “Kaya pala sobrang traffic”

Content creator and businessman Rendon Labador has not yet done with criticizing ABS-CBN’s top actor Coco Martin.

This time, Labador criticized the FPJ’s Batang Quiapo star for causing traffic along EDSA because of his float.

Coco, together with other actors, including Sen. Lito Lapid, Gladys Reyes, and Jaclyn Jose joined the Summer Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2023 to promote their movie ‘Apag’.

Aside from Apag, other entries of Summer MMFF, “Yung Libro Sa Napanood Ko”, “About Us But Not About Us”, “Here Comes The Groom”, “Love You Longtime “, “Single Bells”, “Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok” and “Unravel: A Swiss Side Love Story” also joined the parade.

Summer MMFF movies were set to start their showing on April 8-18, 2023.

The float caused traffic and Rendon didn’t waste the opportunity to call out Coco again.

“Puro abala talaga ginagawa ni Coco Martin, kaya pala sobrang traffic #StorboSaEdsa,” Rendon said.

Rendon then gained attention from the netizens who were questioning him for being too attached to Coco.

“Tag-init ngayon. Huwag mong kakalimutang uminom ng tubig para maiwasan mo ang pagkauhaw sa atensyon.” netizen Andrew said.

“Masyado kang inlove kay Coco. sya lagi mong nakikita,” netizen Jen commented.

it can be recalled that Rendon criticized Coco and his show for weeks, claiming that he was defending the vendors being affected by the production of Batang Quiapo.

However, the production team said that they already addressed the issue.

Rendon also blamed the fans of Coco for the failure of the grand opening of his restaurant last March 25.


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