Pastor who supports UniTeam receives criticisms from one of his former followers for buying a car using their donation

A former follower of the Jesus Christ The River of Life Church revealed how their religious leader Pastor Romeo Nuñez II allegedly used their donations to buy a car for his son.

In her Facebook post, netizen Zamora Cha narrated how the group of Nuñez allegedly gain money using his follower’s money to accumulate wealth.

She shared a photo from the son of Nunez who bought a pickup truck in 2020, while narrating how they were convinced by the pastor to donate to prove their ‘faith’.

“Naol may guts mag-flex gamit pera ng mga tao sa church. Kawawa naman yung mga leaders na nagbabayad “TAKE NOTE: EVERY MONTH” pero di man lang nakasakay. Cinocondemn pa kapag walang pang bigay.”

“This is “voluntary” daw and out of love. Any amount kuno na icocommit mo will be accepted.

“But here’s the thing: They will base the size of your faith and your love towards God kung gano kalaki ang amount na ibibigay mo.

“Kapag maliit ang amount, napakaliit ng love and faith mo.

“At kapag wala kang mabigay, they will label you as no faith and love at all.

“Cause as what they taught us: Hindi kayang bayaran ng pera ang ginawa ng Diyos sa buhay namin through the life of pastor. (Which is true naman.)

“But where’s the consideration and genuine mercy para sa mga walang pera. In fact, most of us are students at that time.

According to her, some of the members of their Church even prioritized their donations instead of buying food for themselves.

They’re also not receiving any assistance from Nuñez and they’re the one obligated to give money to him.

She then discovered that the money they’re donating allegedly used by Nuñez and his family for his personal gain.

“As 8 years in the church. Naging kaibigan ko halos lahat ng mga tao sa church even to the point sumasama ako matulog sa mga boarding house ng iba sa kanila. Kaya I know their struggle financially. Halos wala silang makain and some of them walang pambayad ng boarding house.

“Araw-araw kami sa ministry, and wala kaming nakukuhang any support or allowance from the church. We also have this event called, “ENCOUNTER WEEKEND” na ginaganap every after 2 months and we are more than 100 leaders in the church at that time. We’re all obligated to pay every encounter ₱2000 each leaders, May delegates ka man o wala.

“We sacrificed for the church dahil we love God and we thought na genuine ang heart ng pastor na pinapakinggan namin sa mga tinuturo nia.

“Kaya nung nalaman ko lahat-lahat ng mga kalokohan at panloloko hindi lang ni pastor kundi mga anak niya at may mga matataas na position sa church. I find it unfair para sa mga nasa ibaba na patuloy na nagsasacrifice at totoo ang puso sa Diyos to the point ang iba ay nasira ang family dahil sa pagsserve, nag-stop sa pag-aaral, wala ng makain at wala nang matirhan not knowing na ginagamit nalang sila for a selfish agenda.

It can be recalled that Nuñez, who also run for the mayoral race of Puerto Princesa has been caught by the authorities because of some complaints from his followers.

As of writing, the post by Cha received 46,000 shares.

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