Puregold humingi ng paumanhin sa nangyaring pamamahiya sa isang customer na inakusahang shoplifter

Supermarket giant Puregold released a public statement after one of their branches went viral on social media.

It can be recalled that a video of an old man identified as Hope Yutuc being checked by some staff of the said supermarket gained millions of views online.

Yutuc presented the bag to the security guard and to a staff of the said establishment and they didn’t stop until the old man didn’t show all the contents of his bag.

In the end, the security personnel couldn’t prove their accusations against him.

The old man was also identified as the grandchild of an ambassador.

“Napagbintangan ako na may ninakaw. Wala naman akong ninakaw. I may not leave you millions but a good name is worth more than money sabi ng lolo ko na si Amb. Felino Neri Sr. Kaya ito ang laging nasa isipan ko,” he said.

Netizens couldn’t hide their disappointment with the said incident and the negative publicity it received was already too hard for Puregold to ignore.

In a statement, Puregold said that they felt “bad” for what happened to the old man.

“Please know that this incident is being dealt with privately, with kindness and patience. We ask that you allow us to learn from this and improve.” the company statement reads.

However, netizens criticized the PR team of the said company for using emojis in their public apology.

“Ano yan gawa ng isang jejemon? May emoji? Napaka-unprofessional nio! Tsaka sabi nga ng iba dapat ndi lang yan naka-story. I-public post nio yan. Taray-taray ng staff nio…unprofessional,” netizen @jeniiandpeers said.

“Yung emojis nagdala,” another netizen said.


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