Netizen, dismayado matapos madiskubre na ang binili niyang isda ay kinulayan para magmukhang sariwa

A netizen in Davao City couldn’t hide her disappointment after discovering that the vendor who sold her fish cheated her.

In a Facebook post, netizen Jes Marie narrated that she bought a Tuna steak at Bankerohan Public Market, and she thought that what she was buying was fresh because of its appearance.

However, when she came home at washed the fish, she discovered that the steak was only colored to look fresh.

The photo shared by Jes to several media outlets shows that the steak was smeared with food coloring to allegedly mislead the buyers and convince them that they were buying fresh seafood.

According to Jess, this was her first time experiencing the said modus.

Jess was convinced that the Tuna was not really fresh because of its smell.

She’s now planning to file a complaint against the vendor who misled her into buying the said fish with food coloring.

Several seafood vendors in the past were already caught making ways to make their spoiled products look fresh.

One of the most popular techniques was placing ‘jobos’ or food coloring on the seafood to make it appear fresh.

The Department of Health (DOH) has already warned consumers before to be careful in buying seafood and look for signs of its freshness.

To ensure that the seafood is fresh, DOH urged the people to smell, touch the fish and look at its gills before buying it.

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