Freddie Aguilar learns something with his issue with Maegan Aguilar: “Ang hindi nakikinig sa magulang, hindi suswertehin”

Legendary OPM artist Freddie Aguilar shared his thoughts about his feud with daughter Maegan Aguilar.

In an interview with Aster Amoyo, Freddie said that Maegan always didn’t listen to him that maybe the reason why his daughter’s life now was full of difficulties.

It can be recalled that Maegan was not homeless and just relied upon the help of other people.

Aside from being a ‘user,’ Maegan was also facing multiple health problems that made her unrecognizable from her old appearance.


Freddie said that the contents of the different holy texts about children honoring their parents were true.

The artist also admitted that he had not followed his parents’ advice before but decided to apologize to them by writing his most popular song, ‘Anak.’

“Kapag hindi ka nakinig sa magulang, hindi ka suswertehin,” Freddie said. “Hindi man ako nakinig sa magulang ko ay nag-sorry naman ako dahil sa ‘Anak, bumawi ako,”


In the same interview, he admitted that Maegan was not welcome in his home because he didn’t see any changes in his daughter.

However, he said that if Maegan decided to change his ways wholeheartedly, he would not hesitate to welcome her to his family again.

Meanwhile, Maegan already disowned her family, saying it’s better for her to live in rehabilitation centers instead of living with her parents again.


Netizens also gave their comments on the said feud.

Some urged Freddie to help his daughter, while others respected the decision of the OPM artist to abandon Maegan.


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