Ayaw mapagkakitaan? Homeless man throws away the drink he received from a content creator

Many influencers in the Philippines relied on making content about helping unfortunate people.

While their content captured the netizens’ attention, they still didn’t evade criticisms, accusing them of just using the poor people as a source of income.

Meanwhile, a content creator went viral on social media after being rejected by a homeless man he targeted for content.

In the video uploaded by @aronlywis, it can be seen that the content creator tried to give the man a drink.

But seconds after receiving the drink, the homeless man threw it away.

The video received several reactions from netizens.

Some even shared that they experienced the same thing so they stopped helping unfortunate people on the streets.


gusto ata ni tatay nasa bote #goodsamaritan #fyp

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“Sabi niya sa vlogger ‘wag moko pagkakitaan'” netizen Delo said.

“Same sakin nun may ganyan binigyan ko ng tinaapy tapos tinapon lang. Simula noon di nako nagbibigay ng kahit ano sa mga pulubi,” netizen Eka remarked.

“Alam na ni lolo na icocontent siya,” netizen Catty commented.

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