Maegan Aguilar fails to get Raffy Tulfo’s assistance after testing positive and refuses to go to rehab

Sen. Raffy Tulfo expressed disappointment toward OPM legend Freddie Aguilar’s daughter Maegan after she tested positive in the hair follicle test.

Last February 24, Maegan took the said test to prove that she had already changed and not doing any vices anymore.

However, after eight days, the result proved that Maegan had taken illegal substances within 90 days.

Because of the test result, Tulfo said that he would no longer give money to Maegan.

However, because of his kind heart, the senator said that he would consider financing rehabilitation and medication for Maegan.

“Pero kung bibigyan ng pera, bibigyan ng kabuhayan at kung ano-ano pa, hindi ko gagawin ‘yun.” Tulfo said. “Sa gamutan tutulong po ako, para sa rehab tutulong po ako,”

Maegan Aguilar’s test result

However, Tulfo became more disappointed when Maegan refused to go to rehab despite the offer from the official.

Maegan insisted that she only took it once during the 90-day period.

According to her, one of the individuals who temporarily sheltered them was also a ‘user,’ and they were forced to ‘have a session’ as a gesture to the one who helped them.

Maegan Aguilar and Freddie Aguilar


“Wala kaming choice, it was someone who helped us pero ganoon po ‘yung situation ng kanilang kabuhayan,” she said.

The daughter of the OPM legend still asked Tulfo for livelihood assistance because she believed that it was better than going to rehab.

She said they’re only using it because of the hardship they’re experiencing due to lack of money.

However, Tulfo didn’t buy the explanation from Maegan.

“Nagsinungaling kayo sa akin once, anong guarantee na hindi kayo magsinungaling for the second time,” the senator said.

Maegan became malnourished because of hyperthyroidism, and she already went to the hospital several times because of her condition.

They also became homeless for several weeks because of their situation.

Freddie also said he didn’t let Maegan enter his home because he believed she was still not changing.

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