Paolo Contis admits that he was also a cheated by his celebrity ex-girlfriend: “Kayong dalawa nasa picture…Ayun nalaos”

Controversial actor Paolo Contis claimed that he was also a victim of a cheating girlfriend.

In an interview with GMA Sparkle claimed that he caught one of her girlfriends before having a vacation with another man.

“Nangyari sa akin iyan. Nagbakasyon yung isa sa mga girlfriend ko dati, tapos umuwi. Nagpadala ngayon ng photo album yung lalaki, parang regalo. Pagbukas ko, hindi siguro alam ng lalaki na ako yung magre-recieve ng package, pagbukas ko puro pictures nila na ano…sunset, naghahalikan.” Contis said.

He said his ex-girlfriend even made some alibis to convince him that his suspicions were wrong.

“Ang palusot sa akin, ‘Hindi, kasi photographer siya. Anong photographer? Kayong dalawa yung nasa picture, photographer siya?!” she said.

The actor even hinted that the woman he referred to worked in showbusiness, but not now because of losing popularity.

“Nag-alibi sa picture, ayun nalaos.” he said.

Contis had a relationship with LJ Reyes, Lian Paz, Isabel Oli, Nancy Castiglione, and Desiree Del Valle.

As of writing, none of Paolo’s ex-girlfriends responded to the actor’s claim.

It can be recalled that Paolo was also accused of being a womanizer because of leaving his former partners.

He’s currently in a relationship with Yen Santos.

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