Pokwang reveals that she’s already in the process of changing the surname of her daughter Malia O’Brian

Pokwang revealed that she’s already in the process of legally changing the surname of her children Malia O’Brian.

This was after she announced her problems with her former partner Lee O’Brian who was rumored to be having a relationship with another woman.

She confirmed her move when a fan suggested that she must change the surname of Malia.

“Ganda ng anak mo Madam, if ako syo sunod mo sa surname mo. Hindi worth it gamitin nya surname ng ex mo. Ms. Universe Malia Subong in the making,” the netizen said.

“Inaasikaso ko na po,” Pokwang responded.

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However, the process of changing the name of Malia might not be easy and possibly become costly to the actress.

According to the website of Duran & Duran-Schulze Law, a court order was required to change surnames in the Philippines legally.

The Supreme Court also already made a decision in the past that a child’s surname change may only be granted when they reach legal age.

The highest court in the country also released some grounds for a change of surname.

Here are the grounds according to legalbeagle.com

  1. When the name is ridiculous, dishonorable, or difficult to write or pronounce
  2. When the change is a result of legal proceedings, such as legitimation (i.e., when an illegitimate child’s father is legally recognized as his father)
  3. When the change avoids confusion
  4. When a person has used and been known by a Filipino name since birth and was unaware of alien (non-Filippino) parentage
  5. When a person sincerely wants to adopt a Filipino name in good faith to erase signs of alienage
  6. When the name causes embarrassment, and the change is not against the public interest.

As of writing, Lee never made any statement on his issue with Pokwang.

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