Toni Fowler’s former house ‘Toro de Palacio’ reportedly being sold for tens of millions of pesos

After living in a mansion for several months, Toni Fowler left ‘Toro de Palacio’ and decided to live in a smaller condo.

It can be recalled that Fowler’s former home has been featured in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS), and she even claimed that the mansion resulted from her hard work.

The 600-square-meter house was Roman-inspired, with eight bedrooms, a backyard, and an indoor pool.

“Sobrang saya ko kasi dito sa bahay na ito, mas malaki. Mas malaki yung magagalawan at matatakbuhan ng mga bata, siyempre, ng mga aso din namin. At pag nag-e-event din kami, wala na pong magrereklamo sa amin na maingay kami.” she said.

Some agents claimed it was being sold for 45-M pesos and marketed as the house of the controversial influencer.

It’s not yet known if the said mansion’s owner was owned by Fowler or just renting it.

Meanwhile, Fowler has yet to disclose why she decided to leave the mansion she dreamed of for her family.

It can be recalled that she currently faced controversy for the content of her music video.

Some even said that her move to leave the mansion was her ‘karma’ for being immoral.




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